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Integrated Rural Society (IRS) A Society of Rural Serve ::: সংহত গ্ৰাম্য সংস্থা (এটি গ্রাম্য সেৱাৰ সংস্থা ) Regd. Head Office Address: SHG Hut, Public Bus Stand, P.O. Gohpur, Dist.-Biswanath, Pin-784168, Assam, India | Website: www.irsngo.in | E-mail: irsngo.in@gmail.com Phone No. 86382-17356; 81330-38996; 91010-03607:

Integrated Rural Society, by short name, is IRS-NGO, and its old name “INTEGRATED TRIBAL SHINING SOCIETY (ITSS)” which established on 22 March 2009 and Regd. on 22 Jun 2010 under Society Act. XXI 0f 1860, Govt. of Assam,Regd.No. RS/SPR/242/D/26 of 2010-2011. IRS, NGO has been established to work for the upliftment of the people in general and with due attention towards the weaker section including Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, other Underprivileged sections of the society and the like in particular irrespective of their age, religion, caste, creed, place of birth, etc. Since inception, the organization has been dedicating all its effort for the welfare of the people in the field of Education, Health, Culture, Re-habilitation works, Vocational Training, Welfare service for the aged restitution. We appreciated the efforts of the members and volunteers of the organization and expressed satisfaction over the progress to the organization

Mission and Vision:

Integrated Rural Development at grassroots level communication with urban Community & Eradication of Rural Poverty from Country.

“To work with people and their communities as partners bring change & New Generation standard living among the society with attitude.”

“Joining hands with other Partnership System in various Development Scheme under the process to promote and achieve equality, justice, and peace for all the society”

The objective of IRS-NGO: Objects for which the Society is established are: (Aim & Objective)

(a) Rural Development:

1. To organize the people of the area fewer than one roof and thereby try to work together for the development of the area in all respect.

2. To look after for development of all roads, land, bye-land, the supply of pure drinking water, proper electrification etc. in the area of rural.

3. To try offering as implement agency income generation programme on Handloom Textile, Handicrafts and another rural development programme.

4. To undertake Social Welfare works for backwards classes’ communication for their better economic development.

(b) Health:

1. To organize free treatment camp in the area from time to time and to organize awareness camp on AIDS, Hepatitis-B, Cancer, HIV, T.B. etc. with from such type of diseases with the help of Govt. and experienced personals as well as to organize Ayurveda , Yoga, Health fitness awareness activities and rural sanitation programme.

2. To organize free medical camps for the people living below the poverty line in the remote villages where medical facilities are not easily available.

 (c) Women & Child Welfare :  

1. To extend support & helping hand to achievement the Mission for Empowerment of Women

2. To help of childcare and supply foods or nutrition, child brain development, child labour care.

(d) Education:

1. To try the education of illiteracy from amongst the people of the area by establishing pre-primary, adult education and condensed course of an education centre in the area from time to time.

2. To try the education of IT Skill, Computer Education, Science Technology and skill development courses as well as vocational training.

3. To extend helping hand to the desirous and needy poor students for their upliftment as much as possible.

(f) Art-Culture & Sports:

1. To organize various games & sports, State, National or International cultural function and literacy competitions in the area amongst the locality and thereby try to encourage then in these fields. Try to Sociocultural visual documentation under societies of rural.

(g) Agriculture:
1. To help people of Assam by offering training and income generation programs on Sericulture, Agriculture, Livestock Farming, Fishery such livelihood etc.

(h) Environment:

1. To undertake various social welfares works with the help of students of the area with a view to keeping the area neat, clean and pollution-free one.

2. To develop awareness among the people of Assam to protect wildlife and thereby maintain a balance between development and nature.

3. To develop social forestry due to present pollution and deforestation problems.

4. To make the area pollution free by undertaking tree plantation and other pollution control measures from time to time.

(i) Consumer/Social Awareness:  

1. To rise Of Consumer Awareness among the rural peoples and try to Consumer Awareness as an act of making sure the buyer or consumer is aware of the information about products, goods, services, and consumers rights.

2. To promote social awareness activities such seminar/workshop or any resource for development and try to socio-economic development under the area of tribes and backwards classes.

3. To promote social awareness on road safety/traffic safety awareness.

4. To try awareness programme on blind or magic activities organise & campaign to raise awareness on blindness in a backwards area.

(j) Disaster:

1. To support flood/ cyclone and other natural calamities that affect both human population and the wildlife of the state.

(k) Others Social Welfare:  

To work event or social welfare programme for socio-economic development from the National or International community’s support activities and it’s International Contribution with prior permission under the FCRA registration or if any in future.

2. To work as joining hands with other Partnership System in various development programme under the process to promote and achieve equality, justice and peace for all the society.

Details of Registration of IRS-NGO :
i) Society Act. XXI 0f 1860, Govt. of Assam, Regd. No.: RS/SPR/242/D/26 of 2010-2011
Dated: – 22nd Jun 2010, Valid Up to 31st October 2022

ii) FCRA Application No. : 6200222020
iii) 80 G : Appy for
iv) 12A : Apply for
v) 35 AC : Apply for
vi) PAN Card No. AAAAI3807L
vii) TAN No.: SHLI00783G
viii)  NITI Aayog: AS/2010/0033981
IX) Unique Agency Code of (PFMS): AS/2010/0033981

X) Unique Business Identification Number (UBIN) : AA38081/AAAAI3807L/07/2019

XI) GuideStar Number (GSN) : 6253

XII) BRIDGE Number (Unique Global ID): 7900254857

Society Act. Registration Certificate Check online for updated Click Here

Financial Account Details of Integrated Rural Society:-

a) Bank Name: State Bank of India
b) Branch Name: Balijan, Gohpur, Biswanath, Assam
c) Account No. : 30833357961 (Joint Saving Ac)
d) IFSC Code No. : SBIN0009140
e) SWIFT Code No. : SBININBB159
f) MICR Code No. : 784002509

FCRA Bank Account Details: Name of Account: INTEGRATED RURAL SOCIETY

Name of the BranchState Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch (NDMB). Branch Code : 00691
Address of the FCRA Cell at
FCRA Cell, 1st Floor, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001
FCRA Bank Account Number30833357961
IFSC CodeSBIN0000691
e-Mail IDfcra.00691@sbi.co.in
Telephone No.011-23374392, 23374390, 23374143, 23374213

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