At our NGO, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Through our various activities, we strive to address social, environmental, and economic issues, and create a better future for all. Join us in our mission to bring about lasting change!

Education and Empowerment

One of our key focus areas is education and empowerment. We believe that education is the foundation for personal growth and social development. Through our programs, we provide access to quality education, scholarships, vocational training, and mentorship opportunities to underprivileged children and youth. We aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.


Advocacy and Policy Change

Creating lasting change requires more than just direct action. We actively engage in advocacy and policy change to address systemic issues and promote social justice. We collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that protect human rights, promote equality, and address the root causes of social problems. By raising our voices and influencing decision-makers, we strive to create a more just and inclusive society.

Community Development

Building strong and resilient communities is at the core of our work. We believe in empowering individuals and communities to become agents of change. Through our community development programs, we focus on capacity building, entrepreneurship, and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. We also support infrastructure development, access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and other essential services to improve the quality of life for marginalized communities.

Volunteer and Support

We cannot achieve our goals alone. We rely on the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors to make a difference. If you share our passion for creating a better world, we invite you to join us as a volunteer. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or have specialized skills to offer, your contribution will make a meaningful impact. If you are unable to volunteer, you can still support our work by donating. Every contribution, big or small, helps us continue our vital work.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our activities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you. You can find our contact information on the "Contact Us" page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Healthcare and Wellness

Another important aspect of our work is healthcare and wellness. We understand the importance of good health in leading a productive and happy life. Our initiatives focus on providing healthcare services, promoting preventive care, and raising awareness about common health issues. We also support community health centers, organize medical camps, and collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare..

Environmental Conservation

Preserving our planet for future generations is a cause close to our hearts. We actively engage in environmental conservation efforts to protect and restore ecosystems. Our projects include tree planting drives, waste management programs, and awareness campaigns on sustainable living. By promoting eco-friendly practices and advocating for responsible consumption, we aim to create a greener and healthier world.

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

In times of crisis, we stand ready to provide immediate assistance and support to affected communities. Our disaster relief and rehabilitation efforts focus on providing essential supplies, shelter, and medical aid to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies. We work closely with local authorities, volunteers, and partner organizations to ensure a coordinated and effective response.



We are a charity focused on providing social services to the rural needy. Our mission is to build knowledge and awareness within the community to support those in need.



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Get involved in Remote Work from Anywhere

Welcome to IRS volunteer registration form, we must be tried you are engaged as per the capability of volunteers. Your designation is our dedication & destination. So, let’s go ahead together. to establish an association, typically work-related, with something social welfare for backward classes or some volunteer work organized for the organization. You should be getting involved with a nonprofit health clinic, education, vocational, pyrotechnic, sports & culture, national & International event-seminar-workshop-program during when your summer vacation. You have to get involved in campaigns for several volunteer organizations over the years. Experience volunteers can join hands as co-workers of society.



Our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers is passionate about creating positive change. They bring diverse skills and expertise to our organization, ensuring that we can effectively address the complex challenges we face.

Jamini Kanta Basumatary, Executive Member

From Lakhimpur, Assam, India

Parmai Narzary, Executive

From Gohpur, Biswanath, Assam

Mr Mitaram Baruah, Executive Member

From Lakhimpur, Assam, India

Johnmajoy Basumatary, Executive Member

From Gohpur, Biswanath, Assam